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Rafael Maciel

Instagram: @rafaelmacieldesign



Loud - Jungle anarchy

I was thinking about a great reason to celebrate and listen to music at the highest volume. A moment to let your feelings out, sing and dance. A moment of freedom.

So I started searching about society and domination and I had the idea to draw a lion (the king, authority) captured by a giraffe (a weak animal). I decided to add some punk rock and anarchy elements to put some fun in the illustration.

: sketch and word list

sorry, there was no space for the giraffe head in my notebook.

: Shapes

It's a work in progress, I still want to add some elements, like flying leaves or other things on the background. I'm not sure about the colors yet.

Step 3
: colors

I started to play with this kind of anarchy color palette. I'm thinking about adding some grunge textures, scratch brushes and try some vector textures in the next step of the project. 

Another update with some details.


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