Loud Graduation

Loud Graduation - student project

Loud Graduation - image 1 - student projectAs soon as I think of "loud," I think about all the celebrations I'll be having this May for graduation. So i'd like to design a loud invitation or image to invite friends/family.

Some words included in my brainstorm that I include on using: bold, celebrate, sparkle, shine, golden, warm, intense, saturated, contrast, vibrant

I'd like to create a cap with the textures of warm/bold textures and colors. I also don't want this to be so typical that it says "Congrats," so I'd have to think of a good caption or phrase to include. Maybe a quote about being bold.

Loud Graduation - image 2 - student project

Loud Graduation - image 3 - student project

I've chosen a color pallete that is fun and bright, inspired by SFSU colors (purple).

I've also gotten a few inspirational quotes, the one in the project now is from Batman Begins. I'd like to play with the placement of the text, maybe use the cap shape as a path.

I also pulled inspiration from this "groovy" pattern to get that type of pattern for the tassle.

I may end up adding one more color to my pallete.