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Lou Reed walks on the wild side

This is the first iteration in my project based around the Lou Reed song "Walk on the Wild Side" a sort of tribute to his recent death. The project is a print made from linoleum block carving to achieve the aged/weathered look. At the moment I do not have the time to uppload all the original pressings, inspiration or actual block but I should be able to update tommorrow. Again, 1st real iteration, still open to color/minor layout changes as well as cleaning up certain edges and flaws like that. Thanks!

Some inspiration. Liked the old and textured look. 

The sketched used to transfer onto the stamp. again, not supposed to be perfectionistic or technically flawless, I saw more of this piece being a litle loose/fun and somewhat old and wheathered looking. (I have more sketches leading up to the final design, haven't had time to scan yet.)

Two different pressings, brown paper. This was more experimenting with color. these are all things I may go back to, I appreciate the gold and the texture from the actual drawing.

This is a pressing of white onto black

This is the stamp that was used to make the pressings. The most difficult part was having to carve it all backwards in order for it to print forwards.

Tried a version with a red outlining


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