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Nicki Hoffman

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Lotus Flower and Koi Illustration

I want to create a personal piece of art that incorporates at least one koi and lotus flower. A lotus flower is at the top of my next tattoo wish list so I thought it would be fun to research and draw (I'll leave the tattoo art up to the artist, but this way I learn more about what I like). A koi pairs well with it symbolically and I would like to get better at drawing one. (My cover photo is a crop of a koi painting I did last year.)

One sketch style I'm considering is super-detailed texture or pattern, something I have been exploring a lot lately. I'm still thinking about composition, but know I want the koi swimming upwards. My Pinterest board is at: http://pinterest.com/nicki_hoffman/skillshare-digital-illustration-class-research/

Sketches (7/20): I did some quick roughs, varying the angles and placements a little. Right now I am leaning towards my third sketch (1 koi with two flowers). I will be exploring the forms in greater detail, though I really like the idea of strong line and intricate patterns for the flower and the koi scales. Please let me know what you think!

Slowly making progress...updated sketch. Still roughing in the lotus and rethinking the koi head proportions/eye locations.

Finished scan (though I am contemplating whether to try to ink this for better line consistency):

In Process Digitized Versions:



(3) (Will post when ready)


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