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Lotus Dreams

January 21st

I’ve been living in Vietnam since a while now, but I’m still so excited when the lotus season hits, in June. Strangely enough, I’ve never tried to put together a pattern of those beautiful flowers. Nor did I a pattern with their interweaving steams or fascinating seed pods. Time to catch up has come! 

Here is my moodboard:



January 25th

Sketches and digitized elements:




February 1st

Ok guys, in terms of diversity, I’ve probably ended up with the most boring collection ever, but the true is that I quite like it. Or, at least, I can envision a set of cushions for my couch with it… ;)

I actually struggled a lot during the process. For some reasons, I have to constantly remember myself that what I most LOVE in design in general (and what I tend to BUY as a customer) is a very simple, bidimensional style. For sure, nothing to do with the direction I was first taking here...


So, although I had lot of sketches and motifs to choose from, I ended using the most simple and stylized one...  Tada! 


One thing I've tried to stick with the original moodboard is the color palette though, almost unchanged:



My favorite pattern within the collection? This one! As the color palette is very limited, I'll certainly try to do some screen-printing and bring this mock-up to life. I'll keep you posted! ;)


Again, many thanks Elizabeth for this wonderful class! I missed the AMA last week (it was 1am in Hanoi), but spent a great hour catching up with it today. 


A note to myself for further developments: look more carefully at this part of the moodboard. The hexagonal pattern on the surface of the seed pod is certainly something to play with.



Oh, and if you were wondering why I didn't use my papercuts at all (some of you seemed to really like them), the raison is because I decided to place them into a totally different project. Actually an assignment from Lilla Roger's class Make Art That Sells (MATS) Home Décor -, for those who are familiar with.

Last week was all about metal items, but this week is dedicated to the fabric market, so I believe they will find a good fit there... 




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