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Lots of projects


Not in anything resembling order except for alphabetical, my apologies! This one came out pretty cool, though next time I might fuss around with it some more to get her to 'pop'. :)


Ham Nimh, Vietnam ( I *think* I spelled it right) - gorgeous and the slightly purple-y lens flare looks pretty awesome! I didn't wind up erasing any of it because it looked better this way! :)


Could not for the life of me find decent forward and side shots of the same model without opening a vein for Shutterstock (great place, not terribly affordable on a freelancer's budget at this point), so the pic you provided worked fine and she's still watermarked to the gills. 


Replacing the burnt-out sky worked quite nicely - I'll likely be doing this... well, something like this... again soon! 


And last, but not least, the face swap - my daughter (yes, she's even prettier at 20 than she was then) was looking down when she did this great thing with her hands, so I grabbed her charming smiling face from a picture with much more awkward hands (stuck behind her back, as a matter of fact). There was a good bit of fiddling around and even some warping to make the background look semi-convincing since of *course* she moved slightly between pictures, but it came out pretty well, and now I've got a more natural gesture to go with the smiling face. :)


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