Randy Meredith

Instructional Designer & Lettering Fan



Lots of Possibilities!

My "Big Take-Aways" (echo, echo, echo) for this class are (in no particular order):

  1. Amazing things can be done with simple shapes.
  2. Being smart about duplicating and organizing layers can multiply the number of options for quickly modifying object styles and colors.
  3. Locking the pixels - I finally understand how this helps when recoloring objects in a layer. It's never too late to learn, is it?
  4. Circles, triangles and squares - Oh My! [thinking of #1 again]
  5. Unfilled circles with white strokes - Wow. Is that easy, or what?

Helen, you must be one of the most knowledgable Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator instructors out there. My hat's off to you [takes hat off].

[Puts hat back on quickly to cover bald head].

Thanks again.





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