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Lots of Curiosities!

Hi everyone,

I'm a graphic designer and writing consultant by trade and love any opportunity to work with words or typography. I'm also a huge fan of messy processes! I'm usually on the lookout for any kind of new and inspiring word in any language that is full of meaning: here, I'm working with 'Vorfreude'.

I'm currently still practicing strokes and trying to get comfortable with my two prismacolour brush pens by working with one single word I find inspiring. By focusing in on a particular set of difficulties the formal qualities of this word brings in, I'm aiming to get better at just this set of strokes before moving onto a full phrase. Below are some of my practice sheets where I'm trying to mostly experiement with different kinds of letter connections and the control required to form them through one or two fluid motions of my hand.


I'm mostly struggling with consistency of my ascenders/longer vertical strokes at this point, and upward looping connections.


Some experiemnts below with the lowercase 'f' as it sits right in the middle of my word and is the key to making the final word look elegant.


More lowercase connections practice for consistency. Here, I am working with 'eude'. I also got curious about working with a 'g' instead of an 'f' and tried some more things out below.


Still having trouble with the white spaces/counterforms between my loops!


I got more curious as I kept working, wondering how much difference there is between using an actual brush for lettering versus a brush pen. I tried size 2 and 6 script liners, and a larger, thicker, round brush just after.



Finally, I'm seeing better forms as a result of my curiosities when I try the word in its entireity below. The tiny check marks on top of some letters indicate whether or not I like how the letter is constructed.


More to come soon!


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