Lot 13 Film Poster

Lot 13 Film Poster - student project

My poster is for a film: I am part of a small filmmaking collective and we have a new one in early stages of production. The film is a 2 minute short, incorporating comedy and horror. The poster will be used for actual promotion, and elements may make their way into the film as an animated title sequence.

I'd like to include illustrated elements, and maybe do some nice work with the typography on the numbers. The script includes evil monkeys, flames, a sinister clergyman and a mystery box, so I feel there's plenty to aim at in term of concepts.

...and I've started a UK group here: http://skl.sh/VbK5Qh

I produced a poster for our last film - Falcon of Fury, below - which I considered to be quite successful, but I wanted to move my technique on a bit.

Lot 13 Film Poster - image 1 - student project

I would like to do an angular, stylised illustration that plays to what I believe to be my strengths - graphic illustration and typography. There are a few ways I could pursue this...


This follows through the 'evil monkey' route. The monkey is only in the film fairly briefly, so using it is a nice oblique reference and doesn't give away too much plot...

The typography would be in the mouth space.

Rough sketch:

Lot 13 Film Poster - image 2 - student project

I see the 'construction lines' as being on the final illustration, with overlapping colours within the spaces.


Lot 13 Film Poster - image 3 - student project

Lot 13 Film Poster - image 4 - student project


As the film concerns an antique, this is a traditional 'nameplate' design. The typography would be bespoke and the design would incorporate elements and symbols from the film. This could be fun, but I'd prefer something a little simpler, more striking and interesting.

Lot 13 Film Poster - image 5 - student project


Lot 13 Film Poster - image 6 - student project

Lot 13 Film Poster - image 7 - student project


There is scene in the film where an eye looks into a box. This design is quite simplistic, so I feel there would be plenty of scope to do something iunteresting stylistically. I see the trapezoid shape to be in a black background, with interesting shading around the eyes.

Lot 13 Film Poster - image 8 - student project


Lot 13 Film Poster - image 9 - student project   Lot 13 Film Poster - image 10 - student project

Jeremy Marshall

Independent Graphic Designer