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Lost in the Woods

I. Subject and Space

Hi everybody! For this project I invited my friend Alisson Pazetto! Sorry about any mistake because this was my first photo session (yeah!). I choose him because he has a good looking and fits the idea that I have in mind for my picture.

The original idea was make this session in a deactivated subway station here in Glasgow (Botanic Gardens Train Station), but the access to the facilities was really challenging and dangerous. So, instead of the train station, we choose to use the woods nearby the station, because the  light was okay (I think) and was a beautiful place at all.

II. Test Shots for Lighting

Here are my images for the test shots for lighting.

III. Horizontal vs. Vertical Shots

For my Vertical x Horizontal shots, I choose these pictures for the following reasons:

Vertical: I want to put focus on model's face features. He has great and comunicative eyes, and a remarkable jaw.

Horizontal: I want to show the existence of the whole green space behind the model, but I did not want to show what it is exactly, that's why I used f/2.8 and 1/100.

IV. Final Portrait

For my final version, I picked the horizontal portrait. After some edits on Lightroom, this is my picture! Hope you all enjoy it!

Please leave your feedback, for real!  =)

Bonus pictures! =)


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