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Lost in the Fields

So Finally getting a chance to display some of my work.

Midway through the summer a friend of mine introduced me to Amanda. Amanda is an inspriring model from NJ and after exchanging a few emails back in forth about some concepts and looks I was looking to capture,   we met up one weekend in Holmdel Park.

 Amanda brought along a duffle bag full of outfits and shoes ready for any look that we felt would fit the scenery. Holmdel park is a pretty big park; filled with numerous sections including a heavily wooded trail, open clearings and even a . Amanda changed into a floral top and black shorts and we ventured off.

  We started in the picnic area and the gazebo gave is great shade as the sun seeped in from all angles serving as a great backdrop while also providing great source of natural light all around. After which we hit the trail and found a bridge over a dried up river. which served as our second location. After a couple snaps from the bridge location Amanda changed into a patterned top and blue sundress.  While she would walk through the park the wind would catch in the dress adding this kind of Goddess feel. It was a great shoot between two creatives. Looking forward to shooting with Amanda again. 


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