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Ronnie Atkinson

Web Designer + Illustrator + Photographer



Lost in space - UPDATED

Great class, thanks for sharing.

Some really nice work in the project gallery too.

Mines work in progress. Started vectoring up some sketches. Ive yet to make the pattern, but thats coming soon. Need to find some time between day job and client work. Tomorrow probs, client work can wait :)

Pencil work

I had some intial sketches on post-it notes that i had doodled at work. These were collected refined and redrawn here, some of them didnt make it. A telescope for example. I may add these later if the pattern needs them.

All inked up

Probably an unnecessary step. Possible procrastination.

Into Illustrator

Rather than use a path with a stroke ive gone down my traditional route and manually drawn the outline. Will this work for a pattern? Not sure yet but im gonna have to offset some paths when i come to scale the illustrations so none of them stand out above the others, this one for example.

Tidy Layers

Wow, look at those nicely named layers, all my illustrator files are like this honest...

A splash of colour

Not important at this stage, but i started making a possible colour pallet. Expect this to change.

The Block

The Repeat


Alt Colour Blocks


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