Lost and Found

Lost and Found - student project

Plot : The time was 9pm and they were on the way to his home to celebrate christmas with his family. The road was slippery and full of snow. She saw a truck from a distance in the opposite direction but suddenly the truck slid towards them. The car was destroyed and she saw her fiance pinned by the truck. She wanted to help but she can’t move. She called his fiance’s name but there was no response. She can only cried until darkness consume her.


Story : A few weeks later she woke up from coma, her family was there in the hospital. After the doctor examine her, she asked about his fiance condition. Her family told her that he was died on the hospital trip. She can’t belive it,feels just like yesterday the spent time together. She screamed, cried and angry. Cry because she lost someone she love, angry to herself because she can’t help him when he needs her the most.She felt so lost, like there was a hollow inside her.


Summary : Yseult Maryam Bennet had build walls around herself and tend to close herself. The accident years ago took her fiance life and makes her life crumble down. She doesn’t know how to start her life again until Elijah come. He is her fiance big brother. He took care herself, give her new hope to continue living. Their closeness creates an inner conflict within Yseult. She feels like she is cheating from her fiance, but Elijah present makes her excited to continuing her life and wanted to forget the accident years ago. How does Elijah feels about her? Will fate united them together?


(P.S) This is the first time I'm writing and  English isn't my mother tounge, sorry if there is grammar error