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Lost In The Sound

I've been working with photoshop and illustrator for about 3 years. I always thought I knew the basic tips and tricks but this tutorial made everything so much easier and time efficient.  A lot of my work begins in a sketchbook and then I bring it into illustrator, so recreating an image that was placed into illustrator was new for me.  I had a lot of fun with this project by challenging myself to do more and create new ways to accomplish the final image.

The image I chose to recreate is the cover of the Underoath album "Lost in The Sound of Separation" the illustration was created by Drew Beckmeyer and the Art Direction and design by Jordan Butcher. The album was nominated for a Grammy Award at the 52nd Grammy Awards for "Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package".

This first image is the completed skeleton of the final image. This where I used the pen tool, blob brush, and line tool to create the objects and shapes seen here.  I had never really used the blob brush before going through this tutorial. So after watching how to use it correctly, it helped out a lot in creating the organic shapes of the mountains.  The most time consuming part of the process was probably the linework on the ground.  Creating the lines did not take long as I utilized the copy and paste and command + d hot keys frequently. Then it was just a matter of matching the colors of those lines.

Here is the final image.  The main tools I used after completing the skeleton image were the paint brush and the texture process shown in the tutorial.  The paint brush was another tool that I haven't utilized very well in the past until going through this tutorial.  The different strokes that I was able to put on the paint brush brought the different shapes to life.  My favorite and more difficult (for me) part was adding the texture to the background, foreground, and different shapes.  Although it was my favorite part about the artwork, because I thought it really unifed it and made it successful, I still think the texure could have been better. Maybe I missed a step or didn't do the process exactly correct or maybe bringing the image into Photoshop would have made the texture less pixeated. All in all I really enjoyed this process.  Brad did a great job and I'll be starting his next class soon.

Thanks for reading and checking out how I created my image.

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