Lost In The Big World

Lost In The Big World - student project

If you're a Filipino, you already know half the struggles I am about to tell you but for those of you that are not from the Philippines, have never been in the country, or have never even heard of the place, then keep reading...

There are three island groups in the Philippines. Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. I live in the latter; in a city called Davao, where I have resided for the past 25 years of my life. And of course, this is where I work. Although, not how you might think. I work online by the way. So, for those of you who work online as Freelancers, I think you already know where this story is going. But for those who work traditionally - in a office or maybe away from home - keep reading...

Freelancing in the Philippines is almost non-existent. I'm not saying there are only a few freelancers - but actually, there really are only a few freelancers - what I'm saying is that, if you wanted to become a freelancer in the Philippines, you would have to expect to work long hours getting paid five or even ten times lower than the regular freelancer who does NOT live in the Philippines. Why? Because we are Filipinos. I've been working in the online industry for over five years now and during those five years, all I've learned was that it was almost impossible to get a good paying job online in the Philippines because people look down on you - because of the racism that continues in our world today.

Anyway, that's not really the point though. If I say that, it's just complaining. So instead, I'll tell you my story.

About five years ago, I wanted a lot of stuff. I was a kid then. I bet every 20 year old reading this has something he or she really wants to buy. The problem is, not everyone is born rich. My family was not and because of this, I wanted to earn money to get what I wanted. So I started searching how to make some money online. Back then, web development was a huge thing but I really didn't know how to code so websites were out of the equation. I read a few articles about selling on eBay and Amazon but I live in the Philippines so shipping out items would just negate whatever I earn. I should inform you that I was already in college that time and I took Information Technology so I was pretty good at research and using the computer. After hours and hours of searching, I came across something that changed my life completely. Freelancing.

Gian Dakay
Road to Game Developer!