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Lost In Expectations Brand Identity

  1. Background: Who is the client and what is their current situation?
    1. We are a California streetwear clothing brand focused on encouraging others to do what they love. We need a brand identity that reveals our brand message and lifestyle.


  1. Objective: What are we Trying to Accomplish?
    1. To create a brand identity that will represent our message of doing what you love and following your dreams


  1. Target Audience: Who are our ideal customers?
    1. Males aged 18-25 who want a clothing brand that connects with them, carries a message, and creates original, artistic designs.


  1. Message: What are we trying to say?
    1. Our message is all about pursuing what you love instead of doing what is expected of you. Stop worrying about what other people expect of you and think of you. Instead find something that makes you happy and run with it.


  1. Competition: Who are our biggest competitors?
    1. Diamond, The Hundreds, Stussy, Obey, 10 Deep, HUF, Black Scale


  1. Distinguishing Characteristics: What makes us unique?
    1. We want to be involved with our customers
    2. We collaborate with people who are trying to follow their dreams
    3. We are living examples of our message
    4. Two brothers started the brand
    5. Each design will relate to our message in some way


  1. Creative Considerations: (mostly if working with a client)


  1. Tone/ Key Words: What personality does the client want to project?


  1. Genuine
  2. Art-loving
  3. Passionate
  4. Original
  5. Creative­
  6. Tenacious
  7. Persistent
  8. Here's the mood board that I've created that I feel describes our company. Lots of art, motivational pictures, and beaches.


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