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Lost, Gambling


 grabbed my yashica mat124 and jumped on the J train headed to Manhattan. Didnt know which stop i was getting off but knew it would be somewhere in manhattan. Canal Street is where my intuition took me. exited the station and here I was, china town. The first thing i noticed about china town is that people notice you but usually will not talk. Half the time i will ask if i can snap a photo before i take it, today i'm not asking. 


Something catches my eye so I turn left and investigate. I dont question where i am because it is my job to get lost. Looking to experience something new i've never witnessed before. As i'm following my intuition I hear this weird sound. Sounds like an obo but i dont really recall what an obo sounds like. It was something ive never heard before, so changed direction and started walking towards the sound.



I found where the sound was coming from. i'm not going to try and describe the instrument that was being used but this sound brought me to this park where a tournament was taking place. You know that feeling you get when you find or win money, that is what it felt like entering this park. I noticed Anyone who didnt have cards in their hands were closely invested in the game, as if they had a hand of their own. People would joke inbetween rounds but generally the moods were pretty serious.


I like China town, really enjoyed photographing the area and the people occupying it. Sadly i'm not a resident of NY and was only visiting for the weekend. Idealy I'd like to head back up here when the snow begins to fall. That would be lovely, would begreat time to go back to go back to China town and get lost.

- Something i noticed i Need to improve on is backing up when taking a photograph. I love a good portrait so much its hard to pull away from the face sometimes. Surely be something I will work on going forward. i've been using a camera for about 5 years in total and started shooting film in march 2015. Feedback is ALWAYS welcome


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