Losing my mummy tummy

Losing my mummy tummy - student project

My goal is to lose the mummy tummy I have grown over the past year. Most of it is a remainder of my pregnancy (and a little bit of endulging in food and drinks after I delivered my beautiful baby boy).

I would like to end this journey feeling fitter and not having to cover up my belly anymore. Preferably I would like to lose 12 kilograms, but I learnt from Module 1 that my true goal might have more to do with body composition and losing fat, than looking at the scale per se.

I have always been quite slim and having family members looking at me with a sense of shock recently on how much heavier I have become over the past year has made me sad and ashamed and also convinced that I needed to change something in my life, starting with taking better care of my body.

Just before I became pregnant, I went from excercising 3 times a week (running mostly at a beginners level) and eating quite healthy to being completely inactive and eating according to my cravings, which mostly contained a lot of sugar. I also reacted so strongly to the pregnancy hormones that at some days I felt I couldnt even lift my arms up, thats how tired I was.

But now, 3 months after giving birth, I obviously don't have those cravings anymore, and my energy levels have come back to normal, so I can now start changing my life for the better. I believe that when I reach my goal (and I am certain I will) I will feel proud, happy, fit and good in general. And I can't wait to get there!


My fitness goals:

1. reach my target body composition around may 2013 (equivalent of what I think I will look like if I lose 12 kg). Basically I would like to be able to fit into my old pairs of jeans (without the muffin top thank you!)

2. excercise 3 - 5 times a week. I was planning on taking up running again (if I can, with my ankle playing up sometimes) and combining it with the slim in 6 workout (low impact, resistance workout). If running doesn't work due to injuries, I will swap those days out and add slim in 6. I will track my exercise with fitocracy.

3. eat healthier. I am currently trying out a low carb / high protein diet, which involves a lot of veggies and lean meat. No potatoes, bread and other high carb foods.

Week 2: my fitness plan

Initially I was going for 3 workouts a week, thinking that I might ease into 5. But since I have been enrolled in this program, and since I have been using fitocracy, I found I am much more aware of my diet and excercise. Maybe it's because I finally found the right mindset or maybe it's because these tools (this class and the fito app) make me more aware (gotta love FRED by the way...), but this week has been a turnaround for me. 

So my concrete action plan is as follows:

  1. Follow my limited carb / high proteine diet to the letter. Drink 2L of water each day.
  2. Positive reinforcement: I noticed a change in how I sleep now I am eating healthy and drinking lots of water, so I am using that as a positive mantra each time I feel like I am about to falter. I tell myself that I have never felt better before, because I CHOOSE not to eat unhealthy food. I dont deny myself anything bad, I just choose not to eat it. That gives me a sense of freedom instead of deprevation.
  3. I lay out my workout clothes the evening before, so I see them lying there when i wake up. I am a mom of a three month old baby, so a lot of my time goes into taking care of him. But I have told myself, that even though the baby comes first, my workout comes right behind that. All the other stuff (yes even my part time business) comes after that. If I can't have 30 minutes to myself every day, something's really wrong.
  4. Fitocracy mantra. Silly as it sounds, when I am working out or rather right after I am done, I tell myself what a good job I did, how proud I am that I did it and the fito mantra "I am awesome!". It gives me a really good feeling about me choosing me for once ;). Also, I envision the centimeters I will lose in a couple of weeks/months.
  5. When I am feeling a bit low, I use the thought of something I read in a book. It was said that change does not happen overnight and that even though you work really hard it can seem that you aren't progressing at all. To counter that, the author described this change as the lift-off of the space shuttle. It takes an incredible amount of energy for that machine to lift off, using most of its fuel at the beginnign of the journey. So it's no wonder you will feel tired, beat or even sad. Just remind yourself that after a while, momentum kicks in, and the trip will become easier, untill it will almost feel like it's going on it;s own.
  6. Because I can imagine my regime is a little hard to keep up with for the next few months, I am allowed a day a week, where I can enjoy a glass of wine or two and eat a little bit more carbs in the evening (like some extra potatoe or a slice of bread). I don't miss the carbs during the day at all, so that won't be hard to keep up. Also I am not a sweet tooth anymore since I gave birth, so it's quite easy for me to not eat candy or pastry. Just no wine at all, and no oven fried potatoes ever again makes it a little hard to keep it up through out the year, so am reserving the saturday evening for that, thinking it will make it easier to keep up the good work the rest of the week.
  7. Weig myself only once a week (Friday, eeeek), to prevent myself from becoming weight obsessed.

Changes I have already made this week:

  1. I am succesfully following a limted carb / high proteine diet, have been following that strict all week now. Drank 2 litres of water each day. I realize that after watching the video of this week that my diet is working, due to the caloric deficit. Even though it propagates not having to watch calories, it secretly makes you do so. I found out I am eating around 1200 kcal a day, creating a perfect deficit  for fat loss, while not feeling deprived or hungry at all.
  2. I have worked out 4 times this week alone (counting from sunday, now it's thursday). I ran two times and did a fitness routine the other 2 times. Also added that to my fito app (and got props for doing so yay!)