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Hannah Rowley




Lose2Maintain: Keeping Weight Off

Lose2Maintain is a journal application that helps you keep the weight off.  It's like a food journal but instead of tracking what you eat you track your thoughts to stay motivated.

Target Auidence: Weight-Loss Maintainers


You've tracked calories. You've tracked activity. You've lost the weight, congrats!  Now it's time to shift gears and keep it off for good.

Start by tracking your thoughts. Figure out what's really going to keep you motivated about maintaining your weight loss. Quickly find and correct any behavior changes before they lead to weight gain. It's simple. It's private. You get writing prompts like, "Why do you need to maintain your weight?" Then you write as little or as much as you want.

Your thoughts are motivating. You know what works for you. Create your paper trail and keep the pounds off. Start writing today!

Other Notes:

In the U.S. there is not an exclusive weight maintenance market rather a weight loss market valued around $60 billion with approximately 100 million dieters. I want to target the individuals who have lost weight and now need services and content to help them keep it off. I am currently testing my value hypothesis that weight maintenance relies on different skills compared to weight loss. I am not interested in capturing or competing with existing weight-loss services or products, that's to competitive. I am interested in a more uncharted market space.

Feedback Requests:

I would love some feedback on the site as I am still in the conceptual phase with the first weight maintenance service. 


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