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Elodie De Lardemelle

graphic creation



Lose yourself to dance


image from {}

Hello !

I am so glad to take this workshop ! I've discovered calligraphy about a year ago and I just love it.

I joined a calligraphy course here in Paris, France. But I am for now mostly learning to write with a chisel nib in a very academic way. So I am really looking forward to learn more about modern calligraphy with a pointed nib.

My project for this course is to write "LOSE YOURSELF TO DANCE" : I like this quote because it talks about life and always being in movement. Calligraphy makes me stay in movement too and I love the idea to get away from my computer to make something by hand...

I hope I will also be able to write part of the lyrics from this Daft Punk song to work on consistency :)


Hi everyone !

I have been very studious these last few days. I really enjoyed doing this. I am left handed and I sometime write with my wrist positioned in a strange way. So it took me a bit of time to find the right position with the pointed nib...

Here are some of my worksheets :








I also made some pencil sketchs for my quote. I don't kown yet which way I'm going to go. These are first intentions... I like the idea of having these long thin lines at the beginning or the end of some words. To me it can express dancing movements ...




Oups ! I just realise that I wrote "danse" instead of "dance"...


Hi !

I have done some more tests and sketchs on my quote before the final piece :



I have put a little more space between the words (as you suggested Bryn !). I like it this way.

Here are part of the lyrics... training on the consistency on several sentences. I have tried to stay centred but that's not that simple...


And finally, I had fun writting my quote on different paper. My favorite is the last one (the one on light gray paper).

I really enjoyed doing this. I wish I could have spent more time on this projet, but that's a start :)


(this paper is fluorescent but the image doesn't show it so much.)




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