Lose your fear

Lose your fear - student project

Ink can be as playful as you let it be. First, you have to accept that you cannot completely control it, except if you are doing line art. That’s one of the reasons that I love so much this medium, as is has a similarity with life itself. We cannot control everything that happens, but we can enjoy it and turn it into something different.

Ink is a journey of evolution. Your paintings will start with a simple wash of ink or water, but they will evolve into shapes, shadows and lights beautifully.

Though, as every journey in real life, we need to warm up and do some exercises first, so that our first steps feel less shaky.

Lose your fear - image 1 - student project

Following the first and second experiment, I made some pages full of lines and playfulness: a calm exercise that empties your mind. Here, we are not aiming for perfection, just for improvisation and letting go.

Lose your fear - image 2 - student project

When painting an illustration, I don’t usually think about what I am going to paint. I prefer to start with no idea and see what happens. It is a moment of discovery and constant experimentation.

For me, each painting is a step in my artistic journey. There are pieces that I prefer more than others, but all of them are a part of me, born from the flow of ink and water.

Lose your fear - image 3 - student project

For this class, I made two unique illustrations. Each one has a different atmosphere, with mysterious stories hiding in each shape.

Lose your fear - image 4 - student project

Lose your fear - image 5 - student project

Play, breath, create. Let yourself free and enjoy the experience!

We'll see each other in another adventure! Saludos!