Lose enough inches to feel healthier and fit into my goal jeans

Background: From June 2011 - February 2012, I put on 30 pounds. I was going through a rough time in many aspects of my life and I knew I was putting on weight, but the actual magnitude of my weight gain was lost on me until I went for my yearly physical. Not only was up 30 pounds from my weight a year previous, I was 20 pounds heavier than I have ever been. I carry my weight mostly in my hips and thighs and I don't look that much different, but I feel very different. I have stretch marks, I went up 2 pants sizes and I'm generally uncomfortable in my own body. I used to love shopping but now every shopping trip is an ordeal that often ends in feeling horrible about myself. I'm 5"7' and 192 pounds according to the scale at the gym yesterday. I wear size 32 (Canadian/US size) pants or a size 12 -14 which is up from my size of 30 for jeans and 8-10 for other clothes. When I became aware of my massive rapid weight gain, I was devastated. I tried to make some changes in my life and took some great first steps, but ultimately I failed. I was miserable in my job and struggling with depression and anxiety. I just wasn't in a good place for accomplishing goals. Now I'm in a better place emotionally, and I'm working on my anxiety and depression. I'm no longer at that job I was miserable at. I've been practicing body acceptance and working at loving my body the way it is, and seeing beauty in my new size because the hate and self-loathing was not helping me. Even though I have grown to love my body, I still feel lethargic and low-energy and I just don't feel healthy. 

Goal: Now that I am finally in a place where I can tackle my physical health, I want to lose enough inches so that i can feel healthy and have energy and confidence again. I'm focusing on losing inches because I'm looking to lose fat and gain muscle (my body fat percentage is ridiculously high right now) so focusing on weight will less valuable for measuring progress. My short-term goal is to fit into my goal jeans - my only jeans I kept from the size I was last happy at. My ultimate goal is to change my fitness and dietary habits for life.


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