Lose Weight, Have Visible Muscle


  1. Lose at least 20 pounds.
  2. See biceps, triceps, quads and calves. Abs would be lovely, but I'm probably not willing to kill myself for a 6-pack. Probably. Maybe.

Progress as of 1/22

  • No weight lost.
  • Injured right shoulder, so the upper body weight workout is not progressing. Icing and trying to decide whether to lift lighter weights or stop doing upper body workouts until it gets over its temper tantrum. 
  • Two official lower body weight workouts. Increased weight on quads.

Positive Fitness Changes made as of 1/24

  1. Per Video #2, shooting for 130 grams of protein per day.  Generally not able to break 100, but I'm probably getting more protein before.
  2. Dessert only on Sunday nights.  Is that a fitness habit change? I suppose it's not.  Neither is #1.
  3. Weekly hikes.
  4. Resumed treaddesking on work-at-home days.
  5. Resumed sitting on exercise ball at work.  Most common utterance heard from people walking by my office is now "Stop bouncing!"


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