Lose Weight (Freeing Mental Capacity - Internally & Externally)

New Project - but don't want to delete old one. Bummed I can only have one project here.

I want to lose weight to feel better about way I look which (after 5 whys exercise) connects to me being more available to others at work & family and build a life I will enjoy post career.

(When I am stuck, I find I can free myself up mentally by either making the external move of delegation (assign work, make requests) or the internal move of reframing (look at the situation in a new way that gets me unstuck). I don't have a word for this habit. On lift, I named it "delegate" just to keep it simple. In my journal, I have written "refrelegate" or "deleframe.")


Why did I sign up for class?

I am already a big believer in the power of habits, choice architecture and environmental design. I ahve been overwhelmed and unfocused recently and I believe the answer is in establishing a new keystone habit.

What has been my most consistent habit?

Other than showering, brushing teeth etc....I'm going to share theose I explicitly worked on establishing:

Breakfast every morning - 2 years (3 years)

Weigh self daily - 2 years (3 years though I miss it when I'm traveling)

Run three times a week - 4.5 years (5.5 years)

Meditate daily - almost one year now.


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