Lose 25 Pounds and Become a Natural Walker

Initial Stats:

  • approx. 160 lbs
  • difficulties with cardio (poor ability to breathe)
  • tightened hamstrings


  • get down to the 130s by the end of the year
  • cut down on soda and dairy intake
  • get to the point where I can walk throughout town during my European trip in July without difficulty


  • Take advantage of fitness classes at school
  • Work out at least 3 days a week for the first two months, then at least 5 days a week
  • Limit soda intake to one serving per day for a month, and then wean my way to weekends only
  • Cut down on "cheesy" foods to once or twice a week
  • Use recipe sites and local deals to put more emphasis on fruits and vegetables in diet
  • Make the stairs my priority over elevators/escalators
  • Limit eating out to once a week (keep snacks on-hand when I need to leave campus)


Week One Progress:

  • Started working out at the gym; figured out list of possible classes to take each day that I work out to keep it varied and improve entire body
  • Taking the stairs over elevator to dorm and classes unless I'm carrying something
  • Watching my daily calorie intake


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