Los Premios by Julio Cortázar

Los Premios by Julio Cortázar  - student project

1. The Text

For my assignment, I decided to design a book cover for Los Premios (The Winners) by Julio Cortázar.

This is not a short story or a poem, but a novel, I've chosen this book actually because it was the book that I was reading when I took this class

2. Reding the text (Minor spoilers)

Cortázar is not an easy author to read, and certainly not an easy to represent. His writing is very abstract, philosophical and (like Borges) explores the metaphysics quite a bit, and without a doubt, the profound content and ingenious language of his writing made him one of the most important writers of Latin American literature History. His writing and the fact that I'm Latin American make him one of my favorites writers.

This novel's plot is about some people winning a cruiser in the lottery of Buenos Aires, and all the things they go through on the trip, The book explores the difficulties to adapt to the different kinds of personalities and social status on the ship, soon little groups are formed (The elder, the intellectual, and the more humble) but above all there is a mystery growing in the background (perhaps they haven't been told the whole truth) Cortázar does a magnificent job of exploring the different mind of every character, what they think, how they behave in their privacy, how they approach the situation they're in and the mystery behind it. This makes the reader change what he initially think of them.

These are the words that came to my mind after reading it:

Los Premios by Julio Cortázar  - image 1 - student project

They're a few (and in Spanish) but I think the most important is "Otherness" a recurrent theme in Cortázar's writing, the thought that there is more behind what we see, what we're told to believe etc. Another recurrent theme is that some of his characters are quite unhappy with what they have, How they live, who they are and life in general, they are always trying to find more.

3. Sketches

Los Premios by Julio Cortázar  - image 2 - student project

I think in the final two sketches is where I began to form my idea more clearly.

4. Final Design

I made two initial ideas but never finished them so here is the final design.

I think that what I tried to convey was that "Otherness" that marks the whole story, through a recurring object that I personally think it represents it within the book.

Los Premios by Julio Cortázar  - image 3 - student project

Los Premios by Julio Cortázar  - image 4 - student project

Los Premios by Julio Cortázar  - image 5 - student project

Thanks for reading. any feedback is much appreciated :)