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Amalia R.

Graphic Designer



Los Cafeteros, Federación Colombiana de Fútbol

Mood Board: 4.19.13

Design Brief

There are and have been many great soccer teams through out the years. They've inspired players to train harder, coaches to be better, and entertained their fans and viewers. None however, inspired a whole country, and the world of soccer like the 1992 Colombian Men's Soccer Team. 

Though that season ended devastatingly for them after being eliminated at the start of the world cup, their passion and love for the game, their country and each other as team mates, family were an inspiration to their country in a time of need. While that is possibly the biggest honor, i feel as though this team was never really celebrated they way they deserved to be, so in their honor I will be designing a home and away kit goal uniform included pulling inspiration from the uniforms they wore that year and giving it a sleek modern edge.
The Team That Inspired the World of Soccer
Past to Present Uniforms
Significant changes have been made to their uniforms as the years have gone by. i think their more recent ones are the best designed to date, but personally I dont think they're as cohesive as they could be. They're missing a key element to really pull them together to make them look sharp and that will be my goal while designing. 


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