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Taís Godoy

"Everything you can imagine is real." -Picasso



Los Angeles

First of all, excuse me for the quality of the photo, I am not home and I don't have most of my materials with me. Also, I can't use any kind of chalk, because I am allergic to it, but hey, paper and pen will always do!

So, I found this so fantastic! It's such a easy way to learn, I am really proud of what I came up with, because I always saw people doing it and I thought it would be really hard or you probably need some intro in typography or whatever.
Anyway, the only thing that I thought it was hard to come up with was the font. I didn't know how to draw the letters, so I had to look up for something online and then I used them as a base but after, everything was flowing so well and I found myself changing the original fonts I was using. I am saying "fonts" because I don't know how to call that, hahaha.

Other than that, I think it was great, I really liked what I did and that's it! Thank you, Lauren! :)




So, I decided to participate on the challenge and I've been traveling, so I had the sketches but I couldn't upload before today. Also, I am going home, so when I get there, I will borrow my sister's chalkboard and do it with chalk, wearing gloves of course ;) Ha.

It was good making a sketch before. I don't usually go for sketches, I know I just have to warm up before I start something and I'm good to go. But this time, doing a sketch was really nice, specially when I started using the ink, I noticed what I have to fix when I get to the chalkboard, and I think that's great!

Here it is, pencil:




I need to fix the alignment, the G letter on "everything" went a little bit out. Also, on "imagine", the second I letter is too worked up on the angle or something like that, it just doesn't go with the rest of the letters, and on the A in "real", the thin leg of it should start a little higher. Other than that, I just need to thing what to do with the flourishes. As you can see, I didn't use ink on them because I am not sure yet about the way the look. That's it for now :)


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