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Los Angeles


Nearly ten years ago I moved to Los Angeles, and I've been in love with this city ever since! LA is a huge, sprawling metropolis, full of little pocket neighborhoods that each have their own unique character. Venice Beach has a totally different vibe than Downtown, Hollywood is nothing like Pasadena, etc. Because of this I actually had a hard time picking out my reference photos as I wanted to grab things that represented the city as a whole without being obviously stereotypical. I wound up focusing on images that highlighted the relationship between the city and nature: freeways soaring over treetops, sunsets framing city lights, and even the famous Hollywood sign from an angle most don't get to see.

Los Angeles in a unique place because even though it's a city, it's not necessarily a fast-paced one. Angelinos work hard, yes, but you also have to be able to take a moment to stop and decompress (or else you'll never survive our legendary traffic!). With this attitude in mind I wanted to pick colors that were vibrant without being overwhelming.

My final colors represent (to me, at least!) the relationship between the natural beauty of Los Angeles, and its man-made wonders.


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