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Los Angeles - faded memory

Los Angeles is love at first sight for many, but look closely, at ground level and under the surface, she might not be that pretty. It's a large city composed of scattered and disconnected smaller cities where individuality shines but community not so much.

This is a city where I have lived for the past 15 years. Each city is unique and thus as a whole, Los Angeles, has this clashing and fragmented personality that creates short captivating bursts but not enough momentum to be long lasting. I think the Hollywood sterotype holds true in this city - it's fleeting, fading, and soon forgetting. Or perhaps I've simply overstayed my welcome. 

Maybe the city knows its constant sunshine and chill vibes are enough to stay attractive forever.

All pictures were taken with iphone 6 and edited with VSCO. Mostly using the A6 filter. Hope you enjoy and check out my Instragram @ kelvinyc_



  • near the 6th Street Viaduct, on top of trains, seeing Downtown LA in the background (currently demolished)


  • LA Superior Court / Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center - bureacratic building where appealing a speeding ticket takes 6 - 8 months


  • 7th Street over the 110 Freeway during rush hour everyday. The Ritz Carlton to the left. 


  • Latest addition, a glimpse of The Broad Museum from the tunnelway. 


  • Inside the Bradbury Building


  • Immersed under the Urban Lights + Palm Trees at LACMA



  • Sunset Pacific Hotel temporary art project (soon to be demolished)


  • Venice Beach Skate Park

Note: A lot of my images do not follow a straight lined geometry like the ones Trashhand showcased; instead, they are often slanted or curved. LA as a city is very spread out so I hope to achieve that feeling through elongated or extended lines that seem to go on and on and cannot be contained. 

Looking forward to a new Los Angeles in 2020. See you then and I probably won't miss you. 

Thanks for visting. Check out my Instragram @ kelvinyc_


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