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Los Angeles, California

Hey Skillshare classmates! My city I wanted to show case is Los Angeles. I grew up in a small place called Suisun City in Northern California. Recently I moved to LA to experience a new perspective than what I was used to. Hope you guys like what I have to offer.

My first shot is the candid street portrait. I waited in an alley way for 20 minutes waiting for a good subject. After a while this lady walked into frame and I felt that she fit this setting the most. I like how she landed in the middle and the way her feet were positioned gave off a sense of movement. Another reason why I picked this is how to the right she is staring in the direction of a taxi and showed how much of a rush she possibly is in.

For my motion blur I tried to take advantage of the red lights as a chance to start firing shots. Most of the things that passed were cars but around the corner a biker appeared. I tried my best to pan in front of him trying to capture just how fast he really was moving through the street.

The third image is my look up where I stood under a pillar of a bank. The building itself wasn't that grand in scale but what caught my eye was the ornament in the middle. This small detail I think makes up for the dull around it.

My final photo is the night shot while doing another look up. Los Angeles doesn't get much cloud coverage so luckily it rained the day this was taken. This darkened the sky more than usual and with the lights at the very top illuminates the image much more.

That's my project and I hope you guys enjoyed it.I learned a lot from Trashhands lessons and will definitely utilize these skills in the future. Thanks to Trashhand, VSCO, and Skillshare. You guys can reach me at my Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter. Can't wait to see your projects.


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