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I just relocated to Los Angeles and would like to take this opportunity to properly explore the city of angels!

As it happens, I'm also starting a new innovative beauty company based here and need a new logo. Since the start-up will have its roots in LA, I can see the logo becoming a manifestion of my new environment. 

Here are some examples from that Quora answer and the history behind it:


Ah, the iconic logo is inspired by the Greek Goddess of Victory


Faith Ladd, the adorable 5-year-old year girl in the viral YouTube video where she was asked by her designer dad to identify brand logos, said that McDonald's logo is made up of two french fries pushed together.

I like Spotify's logo too.

My eyes are drawn to logo on a wall in this picture posted on Sean Parker's Facebook cover photo. I can imagine it evoking a sense of fun and energy when their staff steps into their office.

These links to the creative process behind logo creation from research, ideation, sketching and illustrating are helpful to someone like me who have no idea where to start. in understanding the steps it takes to come up with a logo.

After getting a better understanding of the steps it takes to come up with a logo, I can dive deeper into more actionable and detailed information that I can execute immediately.

Of course, in order to be a good logo designer, you need to first understand what makes a good logo designer. Here are some links that feature great logo and graphic designers.

Urban Decay's brand is the most similar to ours because their logo proudly celebrates how different they are from other brands out there. Since our slogan is "Don't be brandwashed, be brand you" I wanted our logo to have a bit of an edge the way Urban Decay's one does. Their logo on the right has a graffiti style to it.

Stila is also another text logo that shows that the brand has some kind of an edge.

What is the personality of the beautimy brand? We're playful and edgy but. We're more than just a profit-driven company, we're a mission-driven company with a heart. Hence I chose the "Love Ya Like a Sister" font which looks playful and has a hand-drawn quality to it. In a way, serves as a canvas for customers to express their unique selves. The heart represents connecting with your creativity and always doing what is right. It also represents M for MY. My means possession. The average American consumers uses 12 personal care products a day. Their personal care routine is very personal.

Logo Design History of Famous Brands 

Things to avoid:


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