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Lord of the Something!

Hey there, looking forward to getting stuck into this and seeing what I can make. I have had an idea for a LOTR gag sketch for a whle but never quite knew how to execute it so hopefully this will help.

Here is my inspiration board so far, pretty general Character Design stuff of various styles so I will probably refine this a little more over time.

I am a Graphic Designer by trade but love character design, and although I know my way around Illustrator and Photoshop I doubt I am using even a fraction of their capabilites. I also really want to see how to get the concept down from my brain to the page so here goes nothing...


Ok well after watching the videos I thought I would bring out the old Wacom Tablet and give it another go. I always found it hard to work with but I think keeping it loose and fun has made it a lot easier to use. Anyway I did a few sketches and I have created 2 of the 3 characters I need for this...still working on Gollum but he is proving harder than I thought :P Anyway, looking forward to vectoring these guys and rendering them in Photoshop. Kinda keeping with the style in the video with (hopefully) some of my own style in there too.

Gandalf & Gimli


After some playing about I finally got a Gollum I liked, mainly because he made me laugh with his expression. Anyway I vectored them and coloured them:

Illustrator Outlines


The fun part!! I rendered each character seperatly (once I got the sizes correct) and then compiled them into the final piece. Made a few mistakes along the way and learned how NOT to do things as well as some of the tips and tricks Matt showed in the videos. So here is the final piece :)

The Three Gees - Jive Tolkien

What can I say I have a silly sense of with most things you think you are original when you think of these gags but then Google informs you that you are just another idiot who thinks they are funny :P however this is from my brain and it was IMMENSELY fun to make.

Thank you Matt for this great course and showing me how to use my imagaination again :)


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