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Lord of the Flies

My cover:

I worked off the image of the conch shell, being one of the biggest symbols in the book, and made it with origami using pages from the book itself. Since it's a classic, I kind of thought of it as letting the story speak for itself -- that's also why I didn't think any text would be necessary on the back, save for the first couple of sentences. I recreated the setting the conch is found in as well, in order to bring the front and back covers together and to ground the shell (visually and literally, hehe). I printed and photographed the title and author as well, to tie them into the conch visually, although I opted to keep the introduction on the back in plain text to separate it from the words on the origami, and to give it a cleaner look overall.

I also took to heart the suggestion to think of it as part of a series and designed a couple of other covers as well, to make a collection of classics, although they're different enough that maybe simply "English-class books" would be a better descriptor.

Found covers:


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