Loquat Dye

Loquat Dye - student project

I used loquat leaves to dye a thrifted solid white cardigan.  I had a very interesting thing happen on the arm pit region.  I don't use commercial deodorants, but the leftover chemical residue from the previous owner's deodorant caused a reaction that actually dyed the armpits of the cardigan much darker than the rest. This is such a hard color to correctly capture on camera.  The cover image is the closet to it.  It's a soft, true baby pink similar to Pantone's 196C.

Loquat Dye - image 1 - student project

Here's the dye problem with the armpit.

Loquat Dye - image 2 - student project


I can't wait for my next dye project. I've always wanted to dye with natural products, and now I have some skills to keep going.