Looser floral exploration

Looser floral exploration - student project

It really was a marvellous class for gaining more insight into where I 'hold on' and breathing mindfully as I painted rather than holding my breath which I apt to do.

The swatches exercise was unexpected one of the highlights for me. Its was like looking into mini worlds, with the results being quite astounding. I'd never allowed myself to explore on a mini scale and I can see how it could lead into further practice to seek out landscapes as mentioned. 

Looser floral exploration - image 1 - student project

I often do not paint much larger than A5 so scaling up was a gentle shift in that direction and I helped to use my larger quill brushes. In recent times I've become a fan of hot pressed watercolor paper (I used Hahnemuhle) as it gives varying results from more textured cold pressed papers, so I has happy to bring this into the mix.

Looser floral exploration - image 2 - student project

Looser floral exploration - image 3 - student project

I think the best part of working on intuitive florals was watching the paint blend as I was using combinations I don't often try. It was very freeing to just paint something based in imagination rather than studying flower in from of me. Again this was a refreshing way to approach florals and gave me a different perspective. 

Looser floral exploration - image 4 - student project

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