Loose watercolor (trees, skies, sunlight)

Loose watercolor (trees, skies, sunlight) - student project

Oh boy, let me tell you, that was hard.... But so worthy. 


I've wanted to try this kind of watercolor style for a while now, but it always seemed overwhelming for me, lots of things going on on the paper at once... I didn't know where to start. That's why I really loved this class. Patrick works the painting in sections instead of laying washes over washes on the entire paper, which I found so much easier and doable for a first try.


I had a few problems along the way, made some mistakes, changed a few things... But in the end I really like my final painting! It's not perfect, but I faced some fears and learned A LOT. So, thank you Patrick. 


For this class I used the paper Canson Aquarelle XL 300gsm, size A4. Half way through the painting I wondered if I shouldn't have picked a smaller size, but the challenge of the size itself was a good practice in the end. The paint is Pentel Arts (not the best quality, and that shows on paper, but this class helped me work with this paint a little better).


I need to improve my shadows. And I need to use more water. I've read somewhere that if you're in doubt of the lightness of the color, then definitely is not light enough. Water it down. 


Some pictures of the process: 


First wash. I messed up the tree wash, but fixed on the other layers. The sky has some harsh lines because my paper was drying too quickly, but I decided to leave it that way.

Loose watercolor (trees, skies, sunlight) - image 1 - student project

A few layers later...

Loose watercolor (trees, skies, sunlight) - image 2 - student project

Final painting.

Loose watercolor (trees, skies, sunlight) - image 3 - student project