Loose trees with Jane Davies

Loose trees with Jane Davies - student project

I already adore Jane's work and this class couldn't be different. She has magical hands to bring beautiful images to life in watercolour, and this beginner's exercise is a great way to get rid of our fear to work with this medium. I had so much joy, it was relaxing and I got confident of using paint on wet without that feeling that "I'm gonna ruin everything."

I think tough the paper I used is too thin and so it dries faster than Jane's. When I put some flowers at the top, the paint didn't spread out as much as the initial load. But it created a nice effect anyway. I'm happy with my painting and looking forward to learning more with her. Thanks Jane!

Here is my sketch:

Loose trees with Jane Davies - image 1 - student project

And final result :D

Loose trees with Jane Davies - image 2 - student project

Lorena Salado Moro
Designer, watercolor lover, stuff maker