Loose and Lively Watercolour

Loose and Lively Watercolour - student project

I was a bit nervous about how this class would go, but boy am I glad I gave it a go! I'm so pleased with how these drinks turned out.

Warm Up: These were so simple and so effective. Payne's Gray makes for such beautiful washes.

Loose and Lively Watercolour - image 1 - student project

I did have to spend a bit of time working out how much water was too much/not enough but I think I managed to strike a good balance in the end.

Loose and Lively Watercolour - image 2 - student project

Watercolour Drinks: I had a go at a mojito first and I think I could probably have had a lighter touch, it got a bit too dark too quickly and I struggled to give the limes definition. I still like the overall result.

Loose and Lively Watercolour - image 3 - student project

Then I tried a couple of other drinks that I had found in my research. I wanted to try a range of drinks from pastel through to very rich colours. I did a Blackberry and Lemon G&T and then got distracted by the many, many variations of Sangria! Rosé, Watermelon & Honeydew and Tropical Cranberry. I can't seem to decide on a favourite.

Loose and Lively Watercolour - image 4 - student project

Thank you Ohn Mar for a fab class. I got so carried away I had to force myself to stop and go to bed! I really enjoyed the relaxed style and am really happy with how my work turned out.