Loose Watercolor Florals

Loose Watercolor Florals - student project

Your class project is to post your version of a loose watercolor florals. Fill up the entire page!

BONUS: Create DIY stationery using your watercolor florals, you can make name card cut-outs like I demonstrated in the Final Project, or use your florals for other types of stationery. More ideas: Invitations, save the dates, menus, greeting cards or frame and hang on your wall! You could also use the washi tape method demonstrated in my Botanical class to paint a floral frame around a shape. 

Loose Watercolor Florals - image 1 - student project

Feel free to share any new floral ideas you come up with, I encourage you to make these class activities your own. Use your intuition and play around with color choices and shapes. Whatever feels right to you. My goal is always for students to make unique art with personal touches. 

Scans or photos are perfectly fine :)

Loose Watercolor Florals - image 2 - student project

Loose Watercolor Florals - image 3 - student project

Here's my final project! My friends LOVED their name cards and they all took their's home with them. 

Good luck! Feel free to ask any questions in the class discussion board. :D



Loose Watercolor Florals - image 4 - student project