Loose Mixed Media - Pear

My attempt at doing a somewhat realistic pear (something simple so that I don't frustrate myself haha). However, I didn't want it to be too realistic. I was trying to achieve a balance between loose and quick (30 min max) but not cartoony. I think it went ok. I did learn a very important lesson though...if you're going to use colored pencils, make sure your paper is smooth. Because while in person my pear looks pretty good, as soon as I took a picture of it, all the texture in the paper came through pretty strong, which is not what I wanted. Also, I must remember to use a protective piece of paper under my hand because I totally smudged the right side of the piece as I went. 

Anyway, it was a fun project and I learned a lot. Thank you Kendyll!!! 


1. A few washes of watercolor and then a bit of watercolor pencil on topLoose Mixed Media - Pear - image 1 - student project

2.  Added in some regular Polychromos pencils

Loose Mixed Media - Pear - image 2 - student project

3. Gamsol to blend

Loose Mixed Media - Pear - image 3 - student project