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Loose Free Sketches by Celia - Thanks Ed

Thoughts on the class:

I really enjoyed this class from Ed. I am self taught when it comes to sketching, painting etc & my technique has always been quite laboured with lots of time spent on each drawing, &  lots of erasing. All of which meant a fear of sketching in public because I just couldn't sketch quickly and get a good likeness.

Thanks to Ed's class I have now taken my sketchbook out when I have been at the doctors office, at the shopping mall, and at local cafes.  It really has freed up my sketching. and hopefully I will keep improving.

I also signed up for Inktober challenge on instagram to do daily sketches, this class has been a perfect partner to that challenge.

Class Video15 minute 

  • I love the framing that Ed suggests, it is much easier than trying to cram everything into your sketch that you can see. I used it for these sketches.


Class Video 10 Minute

  •  I admit I did rewind it quickly to have another look at the guy with the backpack walking past - but only once promise.


Class Video 5 minutes:

  • I really struggled with the short time on this one, also the figures being so tiny and sitting at strange angles were hard to capture. 
  • I have included my first attempt, plus another go that I ended up replaying the video 3 times to capture - I guess I still need to practice more for quick sketches :) 045315be

Finally I wanted to include a few sketches I have been doing out and about,  & I know I would never have even tried if I hadn't done this class. A couple I coloured when I got home. So thanks Ed :)



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