Loose Flowers

Loose Flowers - student project

Having worked my way through the five projects, I can honestly say that I'll probably never be a huge fan of water brushes (and I own four). However, I have enjoyed creating the projects themselves. Each one was different and taught me different things. I'm uploading the first four now. The last one will have to wait until I can do it over - version one is so hideous, it makes me sad to have wasted the paper (you'll see what I mean when I share it). I think the rose and the yellow poppies are my favorites!

Ok, I have added the last project. The first time is just a muddled mess. The second time I used paints from my Pinks & Violets set. I forgot the leaves but overall, the colors are much nicer and I even like the splatter background. I might go back over it and add the leaves and a bit darker color.Loose Flowers - image 1 - student projectLoose Flowers - image 2 - student project

Loose Flowers - image 3 - student projectLoose Flowers - image 4 - student projectLoose Flowers - image 5 - student projectLoose Flowers - image 6 - student project