Loose Floral

Loose Floral - student project

Hi.  I love Juliet's beautiful loose and abstract style not to mention color sense.  She makes it look so easy but it's not...I enjoyed working with the dip pen which I have not used in ages.  I struggle with getting too much detail and overworking.  Holding the brush loosely is really helpful. I'm inspired  to keep going with this.  The class work is beautiful :)  

Here's my dip-pen practice.  This book is one of my favorites by Ariella Chezar for gorgeous floral inspiration.

Loose Floral - image 1 - student project


Start of painting--trying to stay loose and let the paint flow before adding details...

Loose Floral - image 2 - student project

I think I went overboard here with details, especially with the largest flower.  I need to stop myself next time.  Trying to work much quicker and looser.  Practice, practice, practice! 


Loose Floral - image 3 - student project