Loose Exercises

Loose Exercises - student project

Drawing loosely and freely is so important to me! I have always loved blind contour drawing and continuous line drawings. So fun and important in learning to relax when creating. Created in my ‘Isolation 2020’ sketchbook where I draw on random pages throughout, this personally helps me be less precious about the page layout. 

- drawing on top of an old drawing (pen sketch of vegetables).

- drawing self portrait with less dominant hand (I am mostly ambidextrous though).

Loose Exercises - image 1 - student project

- drawing with eyes closed (with an old tonal sketch in the corner).

Loose Exercises - image 2 - student project

- self portrait in colour, inspired by the previous outcomes. 

- portrait of Amber Vittoria while she teaches (left).

Loose Exercises - image 3 - student project

- digital trial.

Loose Exercises - image 4 - student project

Lauren Heaver
Entrepreneur of the Creative Industries