Denise Canela

Loom Knitting Teacher and Pattern Designer



Loom Knit a Basic Hat for Beginners

Loom Knitting is not a well know art form but those of us that do loom knit are highly inspired and ready to teach others.  I never in my life thought I would say that I love to knit, but learning this craft made me not just a believer but a teacher. I want everyone to know that there is an easier way to knit.

The class is now published and FREE.  Join me here.

The concept is an easy one:

You take a Loom and you add some yarn


You wrap that yarn around all the pegs


Pull the bottom loops over the top loops


That will create a tube that you will close and TADA - You create quick, simple, hats. 

Learning this technique opens the door to many other possibilities.  So take the first step !



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