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Looks just like her daddy . . .

This is a photo of my kids walking home from the bus stop. I chose it right away because I could almost see a creature running alongside them!


There wasn't much editing to do. Or if there was, my amateur eye didn't see it! It was a perfect setting for a good photo. I simply cropped the pic and maybe warmed it up a little? I don't even remember. Nothing significant.

Mimi's advice on drawing simple shapes to create a creature was so helpful. I never know how to start, but beginning with a main shape made it easy:


It didn't take long once I picked the main shape. This is all the sketching I did, which is unusual for me!

I have a Wacom tablet only in my dreams, so I had to use the track pad. The creature came out kind of rough, but I think it adds to its character. That's what I tell myself, anyway! Haha!


I added red dots to the antennae to help balance the color with those brightly colored shirts.

I'm not sure if I created the shadow correctly, as far as the look of a natural shadow goes. But I had fun with it, anyway.

This class is simple, concise, and a lot of fun. I hadn't been on Photoshop in years (seriously, like 10 years), and with Mimi's help I got right back on the horse without too much trouble. I also printed out the handy shortcut cheat-sheet.

Thanks so much for the awesome class, Mimi! I hope to take more classes with you.


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