Scott Valentine

An entrepreneur & writer looking to make meaning.



Looking for Word Love. (Troll-Free Zone)

Hello fellow writers. I'm looking for constructive feedback on my 3 pitches if you'd be so kind to spare the time.

Golden Silence

A mute teenage boy, bullied at school, finds hope and escape in singing auditions on YouTube. Inspired by the hopeful artists on his favourite television show, he runs away from home on a quest to discover the opportunity of a better life and a chance to find his true voice.

Field Trip

A school field trip is interrupted by a violent earthquake that leaves the entire class stranded deep in the midst of a national park. Without communication or supplies, the group erupts into chaos until the unlikeliest of students steps forward to help her classmates survive.

The Dirt Sling

A hidden web cam captures the unscripted squabbles of a southern small town meeting hall. The video becomes an overnight viral sensation, sending reporters swarming to the doorsteps of its unsuspecting citizens as they scramble to make sense of the global firestorm that looks to mock their once proud community.


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