Looking for Fabulous

Looking for Fabulous - student project

Where would I find my Muse for my Fabulous girl?

I was so excited to start this new Skillshare class. The day The class unlocked I was free and able to watch the first few videos. FABULOUS in and of themselves, I downloaded the PDF of the Brief and started conjuring up my girl.

I had lived in NYC for many years so I do know a thing or two about the sophistcated shopping pallette of the NY City girl. Uptown, downtown all around town- and you can shop your clothing depending on your mood.

The next few days I watched the rest of the videos and I felt I was ready to get started.

My Fabulous girl would be a transplant from California (where I now live) and she would be looking to replicate her West coast vibe with a twist of NY City. Afterall it rarely snows in San Fran by the Bay.

Oh yes I knew the girl and her clothing needs... That is until I went into the studio and started following the info from Jennifer's videos.

No pencils- REALLY! New materials and I didn't have the funds to go for all of the supplies. I was in for a very rude awakening.

The porportions for my fashion figures were way off. I did appreciate the freshness of the paint with no pencil. But I'm not sure I care for the flatness of the acrylic? And the cad orange skintone seems garish to my eye for my work. It's all part of the learning right?

The sketches/paintings were done over the last week. I seem to be having a problem commenting on the images so I may need to update.

anyway here is my project-

The Last girl I think best represents My Fabulous Cali girl.

With more practice the true Cali Fabulous girl might look the part.

P.S. my branding colors were to be Red and Black, who knew that would be my greatest challege. Live and learn!

Looking for Fabulous - image 1 - student projectLooking for Fabulous - image 2 - student projectLooking for Fabulous - image 3 - student projectLooking for Fabulous - image 4 - student projectLooking for Fabulous - image 5 - student project