Looking Good Naked

Between working as a Grad Student teaching and spending time in my lab running reactions, it been hard to concentrate on fitness and getting myself down in weight.  I have finally come to realize I need to make time for myself. Instead of seeing polymers form, I need to see the changes and reactions I can make with myself to lose weight.  The main goal is to be able to look in the mirror and like what I see.  Basically look good naked.  I am starting out at 210 lbs.  My goal is not to focus on the numbers to lose weight, but to no longer avoid mirrors and being able to take off my shirt at the beach.

The things I plan on having goals for are:

1) Run my second 5K in 4 months.

2) Finally run a Tough Mudder in 6 months.

3) Lift my 1.2x my body weight in bench press.

4) Get rid of these man-boobs!

I'm putting it all out there and hope to see great changes in the coming future.  Heres to everyone doing the same and to getting a healthier lifestyle.


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